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Independent medical literature research led me to hypothesize that homocysteine might be exacerbating severe COVID-19 outcomes by acting as an alternate agonist of G-proteins. 

Further comment on articles pertaining to: “Homocysteine as a potential predictor of cardiovascular risk in patients with COVID-19”

The Utah legislature is one of many to pass laws in 2023 prohibiting gender-affirming care for youth. In this op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune, I highlight how the law harms transgender youth and is hypocritical in failing to restrict similar care for cisgender youth. 
Which children do Utah lawmakers think they are protecting?

Here I explore how A/B testing has the potential to help curb the inflation bleed by informing best pricing practices. 
Can A/B testing on pricing help bandage the inflation bleed?

MarketDial and RetailNext joined forces to optimize the customer journey, and I was the lead author in writing and publishing the announcement.
RetailNext, MarketDial announce partnership to elevate in-store analytics for retailers

With A/B testing, ensuring the control is comparable to the test subject is essential. In this white paper, we help current clients and prospective clients understand how the MarketDial platform can automate control selection for more accurate test results.
The Power of Precision

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