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I'm Annie Berbert

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The ocean is my sanctuary. The foam and sand and salty scent. The harmony of waves' sound and seagulls. All of it. That is me. I have no idea, therefore, why I live in land-locked Utah. Perhaps the shock of sunrise over the mountains or the magenta splay of sunset that sweeps across Northern Utah skies at dusk. Nature sings to me in all her curious forms and various locals.

Animals are part of that symphony. Dogs with floppy ears and cats that bat at anything they find on the countertop. The betta fish's expansive fins.


But mostly, I love people. The human condition.

Our stories. Our humor.
Our frustrations. Our grief.
Our art. 

Work experience

2022 - Present

As the marketing content writer, I have helped optimize lead generation for a B2B, SaaS, retail data-analytics platform. I have overseen the following functions:

  • creating brand voice and tone;

  • RFP writing and editing support;

  • competitive analyses;

  • UX writing and editing for complete web redesign;

  • SEO to increase organic traffic;

  • long-form blog articles utilizing WordPress;

  • interviews with Fortune 500 companies for case studies and webinars;

  • publication calendar and content catalog for all web content;

  • thought leadership;

  • technical white papers;

  • press releases and newsletters;

  • social media management; and

  • writing and editing for product releases, email campaigns, advertisements, battlecards, presentations, and one-pagers.

2018 - 2022

As a freelance editor, I handled projects on an as-needed basis; this included editing, writing, researching, XML editing, and marketing. My biggest client was Crossover Health where I did substantive editing on their iTreatment mental health modules. 

2017 - 2018

As an assistant editor for the Joseph Smith Papers, I utilized the following skill sets: copy editing, documentary editing, stylizing, proofreading, source checking, XML transfer, and web editing. 

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