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03: Bud and Blossom

January 2022 to March 2022

Lead over research, writing, and design for UX certification project

Conducted interviews; created personas, paper and digital wireframes, and low- and high-fidelity prototypes; conducted usability studies; and iterated on designs.

The problem

Most users still prefer to place orders for personalized floral designs in person or over the phone. Bud and Blossom sees an opportunity in creating a website where users can create and place orders for their own floral designs comfortably online.

The goal

Create an app for a hypothetical floral shop that allows users the latitude to still order pre-designed arrangements while adding the option to create their own. 

User research summary

The initial research determined that users’ biggest fear with ordering flowers online is that what they see
will not be what they get. 


Users want reassurance that the final product will match their personal vision. In designing a site, it is essential to create a means for users to visualize the product as they create it.


While some users were excited at the prospect of DIY floral arrangements, others expressed their preference for the simple, straightforward option of ordering a pre-designed floral arrangement.

Pain points

Image = reality

Users’ biggest concern was having the actual floral arrangement  match the online image.


Users feel frustrated when flowers are out of season or cannot be delivered to their area. They would like a heads up on that before investing too much time.

Ease of use

Users want finding the right arrangement for the right occasion to be quick and easy; they don’t want to get bogged down in scrolling through pages of floral arrangements.


Journey map

Google UX Design Certificate - Bud and Blossom - Case study slide deck .png


My goal as I started wireframing on paper was to make the app as simple as possible. I mapped out large buttons on the homepage to quickly orient and direct users, then I integrated an intuitive user flow to help speed up the scheduling process.


Digital wireframes

With the digital wireframes, I honed in on the navigational flow, working to ensure there were enough labels and subheads to make navigation as clear and simple as possible.

Bud and Blossom Home lo-fi mobile.png
Bud and Blossom Home Lo-fi.png


Homepage – 2.jpg
Homepage – 1.jpg
Pre-Designed Arrangements – 1.jpg
Design Your Own Web – 1.jpg

High fidelity prototype

2022-03-01 (5).png

Key takeaways

"Being able to order online saves me the time and hassle of trying to explain to the florist what I want over the phone."


Users will now be able to design their own floral arrangements online. In addition, online ordering overall has been streamlined, ensuring users are able to visualize what they want and receive the arrangement they visualize.

What I learned

There are many moving parts to a product customization website. It takes significant user feedback and multiple iterations to create a Design-Your-Own process that aligns with each user’s artistic creativity, needs, and final-product expectations.

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